How to Use Ideas To Bring Satisfaction to Your Life – Ideas As Doorways to Future Destinations

We live our lives at the edges of the threshold of the emerging future and the vanishing point to the past. The future is continuously unraveling. In the transience of the moments, it is as we were traveling from place to place in our experiences. And this continuation of the transient moments forms a trajectory of our existence. A trajectory that is based on our actions. To cause and effect. Like were advancing in a stream of emerging and vanishing experiences. Constantly renewing, never returning. And we count these qualities together, we will also find how ideas can serve us like doorways to our future destinations.

So, ideas are doorways to your future destinations. What does this mean? When you get an idea, you do not get all the details of what will lead you to the future destination you have seen in the idea. You do not instantly see what must take place before you reach your destination. But as soon as you begin to use your mind to consider what you must do, you are in essence forming a trajectory of actions that must take place in order for you to reach your aim.

This event is like you were making a ritual that will bring you that what you want, but without magic. You want something to be in the present. You want to bring an experience to the domain of your consciousness. And you begin to perform your ritual. The harder that what you want is to be brought to your reality as an actualization, the longer the ritual takes, since you must perform more actions. But the idea is there, you have found the chain of events that will causally bring that what you want for you, and you begin your magic.

In essence, with the power of your own thoughts, you can bring wanted outcomes to your life. By influencing that what produces the emergence of the wanted outcome, you will receive it. For as long as you know what causes will produce the emergence of the wanted outcome or an experience you want to live through. And in this form of mounting of actions, there cannot be nothing wrong, as they are for bringing you satisfaction. In the timeline of twenty thousand years, the mortality of our existence loses its transparency. And instead we feel how short it is. Countless of generations are to be born to this world. And therefore, use ideas as doorways of your future destinations to bring yourself the satisfaction you deserve.