Adventure Tourism – Filling Indy’s Boots

The spirit of the popular action hero such as Indiana Jones and Allan Quatermain lives strong today in those now choosing they want more from a holiday than just lying on a beach and blistering beneath a notoriously unforgiving sun.

The number of people now electing to forgo the package holiday to sunny Spain and instead embark on what might be a life-changing experience in some of the furthest reaches of the globe is seeing a steady rise.

Adventure tourism, adventure travel, or adventure holidays, dependent upon which term you wish to employ, can mean anything from trekking deep into the heart of the Ecuadorean Rainforest to finding oneself on the side of a mountain in any six of the seven continents.

For some this might seem a little too close to hard work, or maybe even a dangerous way of spending what is traditionally a time for relaxation, but then there are those that enjoy life on the edge and the irrefutable thrill and adrenalin rush that it brings.

But this isn’t to say that those assumptions are correct. Of course, there will always be a certain amount of risk in anything you do – just driving to the airport entails a risk – but these types of holidays will be organised by professionals with experienced and qualified teams who’ve spent time assessing every possible outcome and implementing strenuous safeguards to ensure that safety always comes first.

So what can an intrepid traveller expect if they’re seeking a glimpse of their very own King Solomon’s Mine and ready and willing to fill the boots of fictional trailblazers for whom a bit of inhospitable terrain was all in a days work?

Well to coin a much overused phrase, the world is literally your oyster. The true spirit behind adventure tourism is that there are no boundaries. The bustle of the much beaten track echoing to the footfalls of the perpetual tourist is actively avoided in favour of the not-so-familiar, yet wondrous sights that require a little bit of exploration and a healthy dose of resolve in order to experience.

And reaching these hidden gems can involve all manner of activities, from mountaineering to mountain biking; with a bit of horse riding, bungee-jumping, surfing, camel-caravanning, base-jumping, and even some good old fashioned trekking thrown in for good measure.

Obviously it’s not for everyone, but what could be more satisfying than, for instance, traversing the westerly most flanks of the South Americas, taking in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, whilst tracing the once great Inca Empire and witnessing firsthand such breathtaking vistas as the magnificent mountain-top ruins of the citadel of Machu Picchu? Or retreading the Aztec trail and in the process inadvertently stumbling across one of the legendary seven cities of gold? Or paying a visit to the amazing pyramids of the Mayan Civilisation that reside deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala; recently used as the basis for the climax of the latest Indiana Jones film.

Which would you really prefer? Two weeks of inactivity, overdoing it on drink and rich food, and returning home with nothing to show for it but a sombrero wearing effigy of a donkey and a suntan that’s set to fade within the month? Or returning with the sense of having really achieved something? An experience as opposed to just a holiday. And if in the process you’ve managed to lay eyes on some of the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery known to man, then all the better.

Of course, unlike Indy, you can probably leave your bullwhip at home. Unless that’s really your thing.

Six Flags Great Adventure Discount Tickets – Save For the 2010 Season and Have a Lot of Fun!

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is one of the largest theme parks in North America. It is connected with two other parks, Hurricane Harbor and Wild Safari. The Great Adventure amusement park is scheduled to be open in late March for the 2010 season. If you want to go this season, you need to look online to see which ticket option is best for you.

The amusement park is known for its variety of rides for kids and adults of all ages. Some of the more thrilling rides are only suitable for older children and grown-ups. For smaller kids, there are plenty of safer rides, such as Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel, Raja’s Rickshaws, Monkey Around, Cubs Corner, and Dorothy’s Racing to the Rainbow.

The most thrilling rides are scary for kids, but you can enjoy them if you want! The most exciting include Bizarro, El Tora, Kingda Ka, and The Twister. If there is one ride on which you really need to go, it’s Bizarro! This coaster (formerly known as Medusa) will take you through countless “bizarre” twists at speeds of up to 60 mph. You will have a strange, but amazing experience as you go through really need scenes and illusions. With superb special effects, you really will feel as if you are in another dimension!

In addition to rides, Six Flags Great Adventure has plenty of games, shops, and shows. There is something going on at every area of the park all the time. Want to watch some fireworks? Visit the park on a Saturday. Saturday Night Lights is an extremely dynamic firework show. It was introduced recently in the ’09 season. Obviously, the July 4 show is the best, so you need to go on Independence Day if you can.

You can take the kids to meet and greets with Looney Tunes pals, Legion of Doom villains, and Justice League superheroes. While walking around the park, you will encounter cartoon characters, street performers, contests, games, and more. There are also parades held regularly throughout the season, featuring acrobats, puppeteers, and dancers.

As for Six Flags Great Adventure tickets, the sooner you order them, the better. You can simply order seasonal passes and flash passes online. New this season is the Play Pass, which you can use for unlimited visits to any Six Flags park! These are available online at a special discount price. It’s always a good idea to order ahead of time, since the best Six Flags Great Adventure discounts are available online.