Fast Food and Catering: What Is Healthier? What Is More Convenient?

Should you go with fast food, or should you go with catering? With so many fast food and catering services, it can be difficult to decide what to order for an upcoming event, or just a night in with friends and family. You want something super convenient so you can focus on other elements of the event, but you also want something that is delicious, affordable, and as healthy as possible.

Fast Food Advantages & Disadvantages

The benefit to fast food is simply that it is fast. You can pull through a drive-through and it is ready, or you call ahead of time and have it ready in an hour or two. Some catering services can even prepare a special order of food extremely quick, though it is often lower in quality than the food you would get when more time is given for preparation. Either way, you get the fast food you want and your event is catered with little time investment.

The problem with this is that your options are limited, and the food is not going to be as healthy as it could be for your guests. The foods often offered for fast catering or through fast food restaurants tend to be foods that can be put together quickly. This means the food will be made from a lot of process and prepackaged foods. You won’t get the fresh ingredients that you would get from a better catering service, since there is little time to put fresh ingredients together.

Catering Advantages & Disadvantages

Catering services are a bit different from fast food services. They will typically use fresh ingredients and will take the time to put together higher quality foods that are then delivered well packaged and ready to eat. A catering service will typically offer a wider variety of food options, so you can put together the perfect meal plan for your upcoming event.

One big perk to ordering food from a catering service is that you can request healthier meal options if desired. You don’t have to worry so much about the food being drenched in grease and fat, like you do with most fast food options. You can enjoy healthier, better prepared foods, along with fresher ingredients that simply taste better than fast food.

Along with the wider selection of foods offered by a catering service, you will get a wider variety of dessert options. You don’t even have to stick with local food and catering services, since you can order cake delivery from all over the world. If you want a dessert that really blows your guests away, you will find amazing cakes and other desserts online, and they can be delivered to your front door.
Finding Food and Catering for Your Event

Do not leave arrangements for food and catering to the last minute of planning. As soon as you know this is going to be needed, start looking at your options. Determine the type of food you want to serve, and then find a good catering service that can deliver on time.